Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nandha the active toddler!!!

Today I am a 2yrs, 2months, 2 weeks and 2 days!!
Learnt ways of getting out of trouble. What to say, who to blame on and when to pull cute faces. Well, it is a talent and I have being blessed with a great talent. Working miracles at home. Oh and lets not forget the little false lies:)

I have just had my first injury and needed to be checked out by A&E doctor. It sure scared my appa "archuna" alot and got him worried to bits and resulted in sleepless night. It all happened while I was super hyper, and singing old macdonald and twirling around, hit my head on the door edge, which resulted in swelling ( half the size of golf ball ...ouch...oops ) and then I happily had fish and chips for dinner in addition to all the pampering. Little did I know that my appa and amma will be taking me to the doctors. I am fine now, no worries just got really used to all the attention and pampering.
Will keep you posted on my childhood adventures!!!!! :)

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Arjuna said...

I luv my nandha :) -- my chweet nandha

With luv
Your father Achuna