Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nandha can see!

Nandha can see :) -- he is able to focus on us. We are not sure whether he can still recognise us -- but he seems to have got some confidence now.

This is his 5th week and we have started giving gripe water to relieve his gastric problems..That seems to be his biggest problem..

Last week - we celebrated his 31st day on planet earth and also took him to the East ham Murugan temple on Saturday. He coped well considering the fact that the journey was about 55 miles (single). But by night, he became restless and started crying..We have decided not to drive long distances with him...

Nandha seems to be a favourite with his grandparents..My mother loves to hear his voice over the phone and wants to come and see him in November :)..

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