Thursday, 2 September 2010

Making friends at school

Recently, I have started making lots of friends at nursery. Some of my best friends are Emma, Alice and Finlay. I have had wonderful moments of playing together in the sand pits, while making pudding, story reading sessions etc.
Recently my friend Emma was moved to the next class. This was a very emotional time for us, quite entertaining for the adults. The awful day started when Emma's mum came to pick up Emma and was told that Emma will be starting in her new class the next day. This brought tears to our eyes. At that very moment, Emma called out with open arms.. Nan..dhaaa... . In return, Nandha with open arms as well called out Em maaa.... How very sweet that at that young age, long lasting friendships have been made!!!

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Arjuna said...

choo sweet story! So romantic :D