Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Its 6 months :)

Wow -- its 6 months for Nandha today.. What an amazing roller coaster journey! I didnt update the blog for sometime now...Nandha has grown up to a very naughty baby..He can crawl now, started eating solids, smiles at you back etc etc..but the only problem with him is he seems to have a sleeping problem..Hopefully he will come out of it soon and sleep happily..Nandha has his own pattern of sleeping..In the day time he needs to listen to A.R.Rahman hits to sleep and in the night time he needs to listen to Hariharan's krishna melodies..Nowdays, we are trying to tire him upto the maximum to get him to sleep..

Last 6 months has been very tiring for us -- lack of sleep, no other activities..but still the thought that our son is growing and the anticipation on what he would do next is an interesting experience and worth the pain..

I am looking forward for him to walk and talk -- so that I can start a dialogue with him ;)..


Jeevan said...

Sure all your wishes exist nanba. pls blog abound him often, so we can know his activities more. My best wishes to your family :) keep smiling..

Jeevan said...

nanba no more update? :)